Sustainable Tourism

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is an approach to tourism that prioritizes low environmental impact and social responsibility. Its aim is to provide development in the tourism industry that brings a positive experience for local people as well as the tourists themselves. Sustainable tourism is a commonly adopted practice in successful ecotourism.

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a branch of tourism that offers visitors the opportunity to appreciate the natural landscapes, wildlife and local culture of an area. It is intended to promote the conservation of these natural resources for future generations.

Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism guiding principles:


Minimize impact on the environment.


Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.


Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.


Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.

Some of our great initiatives:

Amakhala Game Reserve and its partners are committed to providing ongoing education to individuals and youth groups from schools and tertiary institutions on the importance of sustainable tourism. Through active participation in workshops and presentations, Amakhala aims to empower people with the knowledge of how they can contribute and ultimately make a difference in species and landscape preservation.

The Amakhala Volunteers program offers a hands-on experience in the field of conservation and wildlife ecology. Volunteers will be involved in animal monitoring, land rehabilitation, maintenance and a variety of other field projects as the needs of the reserve require. The Amakhala’s Volunteer program is suitable for persons of all ages looking for that something different as part of a gap year or following a life change. It provides a unique opportunity to contribute to conservation, make a difference and return to nature.

The Amakhala Conservation Centre is the home of the Amakhala Foundation, an initiative set up in 2009 to provide conservation education to visiting school children. The foundation also drives social empowerment projects on Amakhala Game Reserve and in the surrounding communities, including the provision of sport equipment, school bursaries and support for the Isipho Charity Trust in the nearby town of Paterson which cares for 300 orphans affected by HIV/AIDS.

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