Conservation Levy

Conservation and Community Levy Background

Since 2013, over 5000 rhinos have been lost to criminal poaching in South Africa. Although many rhinos are lost in Kruger National Park, smaller game reserves like Amakhala are also at serious risk to poaching unless rhino monitoring programs and other security measures are implemented and maintained. A Conservation Levy is now deemed essential to assist in the significant costs associated with our multi-layered anti-poaching measures on Amakhala Game Reserve.

The Conservation Levy will primarily fund the anti-poaching units and a dedicated rhino monitoring program to preserve and protect the rhinos of Amakhala Game Reserve. In addition, a percentage of the levy will be administered by the Amakhala Foundation to continue with and expand our award winning Conservation Education Programs. In 2017, over 2000 school children from local communities visited the Amakhala Conservation Centre to learn about wildlife conservation and sustainability for future generations. 

Amakhala Game Reserve continues to provide an excellent example of how communities can convert agricultural land for conservation purposes while promoting a viable tourism economy. Protecting the rhinos is a key factor in the ongoing success and sustainability of this initiative.

The Levy

*Adults: R140 pp per night
*Children 3-11yrs: R70 per child per night
*Children 0-2yrs: No Charge
*Applicable to all bookings with a stay date before 30 September 2023

*Adults: R 160 pp per night
*Children 3–11yrs: R 80 per child per night
*Children 0–2yrs: No charge
*Applicable to all bookings made from 1 March 2022, with a stay date between 01 October 2023 and 31 August 2024

Levies are inclusive of VAT and subject to change without prior notice. They will be charged to the guest’s overall bill and paid at check-out.  

All levies will be collected by the Amakhala Foundation, a registered Public Benefit Organization, PBO no. 930039115 

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