Ranger shadowing on the Amakhala

We recently had the honour of having Sarah Jessiman from Collegiate High School shadow one of our rangers, Ruan, for a grade 10 school project. Along with the many beautiful photos she captured during her stay at Hlosi Lodge, we received this wonderful letter explaining her experience on the Amakhala Game Reserve:

"Thank you for this wonderful experience to stay two days in your beautiful accommodation whilst i work-shadowed one of your best Rangers, Ruan for a grade 10 school project.

Your staff made me feel so welcome as soon as I walked In the doors. Thank you for the large variety of delicious food served and all your wonderful hard-working staff! you always kept us smiling and met to every single of our needs.

The early morning and evening game drives introduced me to so many of your differnt animals. I got to encounter waterbuck,impala hartebeest,warthogs, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, ostriches, cheetah, elephants and lions up close!

Getting the opportunity to sit in the ranger passenger seat made me realise how much being able to educate people about all South Africa's diverse animals, the long searches for animals and being faced with something new everyday interested me. A job that is constantly outdoors and with animals is a career I strive for. You have showed me that I would love to come volunteer or maybe even take a gap year in a few years as a Ranger whilst I work my way up to what I later have chosen to become.

Your lodge was so comforting with warm fires at the main lodge constantly lit and staff as kind as family, the Hlosi lodge is a place I will never forget. I am already missing your amazing animals and beautiful reserve.
I cannot wait to come back and definitely stay a lot longer!"

Amakhala Game Reserve Ranger Shadowing

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